"The truth is my light."

~ Latin proverb

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About Us

Diligence LLC was started by Michelle Delpha, a Vermont Licensed Private Investigator, following her retirement from the FBI. Diligence LLC offers professional investigation services for all counties of Vermont and is based in Rutland.

Why the name “Diligence?” It’s a word that defines Michelle, her work ethic, and how she conducts investigations.

Dedicated to conducting ethical, thorough, fact-focused investigations, to determine the truth of the matter, in pursuit of fair and just outcomes ~always.

Dedicated to conducting ethical, thorough, fact-focused investigations,
to determine the truth of the matter, in pursuit of fair and just outcomes ~always.

A message from Michelle

Hello! My name is Michelle Delpha. I am a Vermont Licensed Private Investigator and would love the opportunity to assist you with your investigation. Below is some information about myself, and my experience, so that you can use your diligence in evaluating whether I am the right investigator for your case.

I am a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a retired federal law enforcement officer, and have family members who are current or former military, law enforcement and first responders. I am passionate about working hard for investigations which are important to those who currently serve, or previously served, our communities and country. I offer my investigative services at a discounted rate for cases involving any of these individuals.

After high school, I proudly served in the U.S. Air Force as an electronics technician. Upon leaving the military, I began my career as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I worked in the FBI offices in Guam and Rutland, Vermont, and retired after a 23-year successful and rewarding career. (Almost 20 of those years were in Vermont.) After I retired, I realized how much I missed working cases. So, I became a licensed Vermont PI and started Diligence LLC. 

There aren’t many private investigators in Vermont who possess the skills and experience that I do. I specialize in major violent crime cases, but also have extensive experience conducting other complex investigations including frauds, public corruption, child exploitation and civil rights, to name a few. I was the lead federal investigator for two death penalty cases in Vermont, and the lead Vermont federal investigator for an interstate serial killer investigation. I also have experience conducting Background Investigations for Presidential nominated positions of trust with the U.S. government and FBI applicants. 

I am a skilled interviewer, have authored hundreds of affidavits, interview and investigative reports, and testified numerous times in court. I have extensive trial preparation and pre/post-trial investigation experience, and have received awards for my investigative work. I love getting “in the weeds” and enjoy the challenges a complex case brings. 

A former colleague once told me, if their child ever went missing, they would want me to handle the investigation. It was a huge compliment coming from another FBI agent, and a testament to my capabilities as an investigator and my focused, diligent approach to working cases. My promise to you is that I will be dedicated to working hard and applying my diligence to what matters to you and your client or business.


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