Vermont Private Investigator

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We provide our investigation services throughout the state of Vermont, in all counties.

Note: We are based in Rutland.


We provide investigation services for attorneys (including court-appointed); law firms; police agencies; police commissions; federal, state and government offices/agencies; private companies, financial institutions, clinics/hospitals, accountants, and other private or public entities. 

*Sorry, we do not provide investigation services for Individuals in their personal capacity. If you are an individual who believes we could be of assistance to your case, please speak with your attorney and ask that your attorney contact Diligence.

Diligence is committed to keeping your sensitive case information and confidential personally identifiable information (PII) safe and secure.

Client electronic files are never stored on a device connected to the Internet. All client files are stored on external storage devices which are secured in a locked container when not in use.

We offer end-to-end encrypted secure file sharing, which is HIPAA compliant, to exchange sensitive case files with our clients. Our clients do not need any additional software or membership to use the service we use for the encrypted file sharing. We simply send a secure link to our client’s email address to do the exchange. We can securely send or receive sensitive files to or from our client. The files are encrypted from end-to-end during the exchange.

If a client prefers to use another secure way to exchange sensitive files, we are happy to use the other method. We can discuss what works best for you and your needs.


Free initial phone consult to discuss your investigative needs.

Our rate is $125 per hour, plus mileage and expenses. We offer custom pricing for cases requiring numerous investigation hours. We offer reduced rates for certain individuals, entities and travel time. (See below for more information.)

We accept the court-appointed rates for federal and state defense cases.

Reduced rates for:

-Cases involving veterans and active-duty military members; police and other first responders (Fire, EMS, Search & Rescue); and all other sworn law enforcement officers (Note: Does not apply to court-appointed cases.)

-Police Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Police Commissions/Oversight Committees.

-Travel time for cases outside of Rutland County. Mileage rates still apply. (Note: Does not pertain to travel for cases already receiving a reduced rate.)